Exploring Ios 17

iOS 17 Overview: Discover the New Features, and More

iOS 17 is a game-changer for mobile devices, offering vibrant communication tools and enhanced productivity features. Say goodbye to clunky interfaces and passive use; now, you're in control. Customize workflows, simplify…

Transfer Whatsapp Message

How to Transfer WhatsApp Message From iPhone to Android Phones

Years of chats on WhatsApp, a messaging application that spans personal and business conversation. With the advent of telecommuting, preserving this history on one’s switch from an iPhone to an…

Parental Controls On An iPhone

Overcome Addiction! How to Put Parental Controls on an iPhone?

Do you know more than 57% of parents report that their children encounter inappropriate content online? Therefore, 59.9% of parents actively use parental controls on their children’s mobile phones to monitor…

Under Screen Cameras

When Will Apple also Configure An Under-Screen Camera?

Over the past few years, smartphone manufacturers have been evolving their devices with fast-changing trends. From tiny cutouts and iPhone-ish notches to full-fledged top bezels, smartphones’ faces are featuring more…


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