How to Combine Videos on iPhone: 3 Best Ways in 2024

Combine videos on iPhone with ease with easy solutions, transforming scattered clips into captivating stories. In the fast-paced world we live in, capturing fleeting moments has become second nature, especially with the powerful cameras nestled within our iPhones. However, often, these moments remain all over the place, residing in our camera rolls as standalone memories waiting to be woven into one precious narrative. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing to transform these scattered clips into captivating stories, your answer to how to combine videos on iPhone is here.

Why Combine Videos on iPhone?

The reasons are as diverse as the stories you can create. Imagine reliving treasured memories from different angles, crafting mini-movie masterpieces, or showcasing your creativity on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Whether you’re documenting special events, sharing tutorials, or simply organizing your archives, all of these can be achieved if you combine videos on iPhone, opening up the realm of possibilities for storytelling and self-expression.

  • Treasured memories: Stitch together different angles or moments of a special event for a richer, more comprehensive look back.
  • Mini-movie magic: Craft a compelling narrative by weaving together several captivating snippets.
  • Social media stardom: Compress multiple clips into one engaging post that shines on Instagram or TikTok.
  • Tutorial brilliance: Showcase steps or information in a clear, concise format, perfect for presentations or online courses.
  • Organized archives: Group similar clips for easier management and viewing, keeping your memories neatly categorized.

Ready to transform your iPhone clips into captivating stories? Continue reading on how to combine videos on iPhone free, how to combine two videos on iPhone or multiple clips and videos, how to combine videos on iPhone without an app, and much more, from the very basic edits to creative flair!

How to Combine Videos on iPhone Using Apps

iMovie Magic Merging Your iPhone Clips into Masterpieces

Imagine capturing precious moments on your iPhone but wishing you could weave them into a seamless story, answering your question, ‘Can you combine videos on iPhone?’ iMovie is your solution.

Introducing iMovie, your free ticket to video editing greatness! This free, user-friendly app from Apple empowers you to effortlessly combine videos on iPhone, transforming them into captivating narratives or social media hits with just a few taps. With iMovie, you can arrange, trim, and enhance your videos to create professional-looking compositions that are ready to be shared with the world. Let’s dive into the simple steps to combine videos on iPhone with iMovie:

1. Stage the Magic:

  • Open iMovie on your iPhone and tap the “+” icon to start a new project.
  • Choose “Movie” as your project type and tap “Create Movie.”

2. Gather Your Stars:

  • Tap “Media” at the bottom and select “Videos” to browse your library.
  • Tap the desired clips to choose them. You can select multiple videos at once.

3. Choreograph the Sho :

  • The chosen clips will appear in the timeline. Drag and drop them to arrange them in the desired order.
  • Tap and hold their ends to trim individual clips and drag them inwards.

4. Add the Sparkle (Optional):

  • Want to add a smooth transit between clips? Tap the “+” between them and choose from various transition effects.
  • Feeling creative? Explore the “Titles” and “E facts” options to personalize your video further.

5. Share Your Masterpiece :

  • Once you’re happy, tap “Done” in the top-right corner.
  • Choose “Export Video” and select the desired quality (e.g., 1080p, 720p).
  • Rename your video and tap “Export.” The movie will work its magic, and you can share your creation on social media, save it to your library, or send it to your friends and family.

And voila! Your iPhone clips are now transformed into a cohesive video ready to impress. Remember, this is just the starting point. Experiment with different effects, transitions, and editing techniques to unlock your inner video director. With iMovie at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless!

Bonus Tip: Want to add music? Tap the “+” icon above the timeline, choose “Audio,” and select your desired song. You can adjust or trim the music volume to fit your video.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone Without an App?

Unleash Your Inner Filmmaker: Combine Videos on iPhone Without App (Photos App)

What if you prefer a more streamlined approach to combine videos on iPhone without downloading additional apps? Look no further; if you want to combine videos on iPhone for free, without the hassle of downloading third-party apps, your go-to hidden gem is the Photos App.

Surprisingly, the Photos app offers basic video merging capabilities, allowing you to combine videos on iPhone, taken directly from your camera roll. While lacking the advanced features of third-party apps, this method provides a convenient option for simple video stitching, perfect for quick projects or on-the-go editing.

Though the third-party apps offer a plethora of video editing features to combine videos on iPhone, the built-in Photos app can also handle basic video merging! Let’s dive deep into how to combine videos on iPhone without an app to create a seamless story with the comfort of the simple and easy steps that anyone can work around.

1. Assemble Your Stars:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone and locate the videos you want to combine.

2. Share the Stage:

  • Select the first video you want to include.
  • Tap the “Share” icon (a square with an arrow pointing upwards).
  • Scroll down and tap “Save to Photos” within the Photos app itself. This is crucial!

3. Repeat & Connect:

  • Follow the same steps (Share > Save to Photos) for each additional video you want to combine.
  • Once all clips are saved within Photos, locate the first one again.

4. Stitch the Story:

  • Tap the “Edit” button (three sliders icon).
  • Tap the “+” icon at the bottom left corner.
  • Choose “Video” and select the second video you saved.
  • This adds the second video to the timeline above the first.

5. Refine Your Masterpiece (Optional):

  • Tap and hold either video’s yellow handles to trim its beginning or end.
  • Tap the “+” icon again to add additional videos and follow the same process.

6. Save Your Creation:

  • Once you’re happy with the order and length of your clips, tap “Done” in the top right corner.
  • Tap “Done” again to confirm saving the edited video.

Voila! Your iPhone clips are now combined into a single video, ready to share or cherish. Remember, this is a basic merging technique. While lacking advanced editing features, it’s a convenient option for simple video stitching.

Bonus Tip: Want to add music? Download your desired music file to Files or another app that supports music sharing. Then, follow step 5a, but choose “Audio” instead of “Video” and select your music file. You can adjust the music’s volume and trim it to match your video length.

Now, go forth, explore, and create captivating stories with your iPhone’s hidden video editing abilities!

How to Combine Videos on iPhone Using Third-Party Apps?

Beyond iMovie and Photos App: Unleashing Advanced Video Editing on Your iPhone

While the Photos app and iMovie offer convenient ways to combine videos on your iPhone, sometimes you crave more. Enter the world of third-party video editing apps, where creativity meets advanced features, allowing you to transform your iPhone clips into polished masterpieces.

Popular Options:

  • InShot: Simple and user-friendly with basic editing tools like trimming, merging, music, and text overlays. (Freemium)
  • Video Merger: Dedicated to merging videos, supporting multiple formats, resolutions, and frame rates. (Free with limited features)
  • Splice: A feature-rich app offering trimming, transitions, effects, text, music, and sound effects. (Freemium)

Get Started:

  • Download your chosen app from the App Store.
  • Import your video clips from Photos or iCloud.
  • Arrange the clips in the desired order using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • (Optional) Unleash your creativity with editing tools like trimming, transitions, text, music, or filters.
  • Export or share your final masterpiece, choosing the desired quality and resolution.

Unleash your inner director and transform your iPhone videos into polished gems! With a little exploration and these powerful tools, your smartphone can become a video editing powerhouse.

Final Words

Combine videos on iPhone to capture your fleeting moments and transform them into lasting memories by combining videos. Whether you prefer iMovie, the Photos app, or third-party apps, combining videos is an accessible process. This unlocks creative potential, from reliving moments to crafting social media content. So, embrace the challenge, let your imagination soar, and start combining videos to tell your stories. With your memories and creativity as your guide, combine videos on iPhone; the possibilities are endless.