Have You Purchased Huawei Care? Is Huawei Care Worth It?

Have you purchased Huawei Care

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable Huawei devices, one key consideration is whether to invest in Huawei Care. this program offers a range of plans designed to provide added protection, support, and peace of mind for your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Huawei products. The decision to purchase Huawei Care often hinges on various factors, including the value of your device and your overall budget.

In this article, we’ll delve into whether Huawei Care is worth it. By exploring the many available plans and their services, you will be able to make an informed choice for the protection of your Huawei gadgets.

What is Huawei care?

Huawei Care is a service offered by Huawei, a global technology company known for its smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other consumer electronics. Huawei Care is an extended warranty and support program for Huawei devices. It aims to provide customers peace of mind by offering various services and benefits beyond the standard warranty. These plans can be purchased when you buy a new Huawei device or within a specified period after the purchase.

By investing in Huawei Care, you will be able to save money on repairs if the need arises while ensuring that original Huawei parts are used. Your new device will be repaired by specialized technicians at the Huawei Customer Service Center, and you will also have a quality warranty.

How many types of Huawei care are there?

There are many types of Huawei Care, which are mainly based on what device you own and how much you are able to invest in this warranty and support program. These plans are often tiered to provide different levels of coverage and support. They are,

  • Basic Huawei Care
  • Huawei Care++
  • Huawei Care Screen Protection
  • Huawei Care Battery Replacement
  • Data Migration And Backup
  • VIP Support
  • Software Support

It’s important to remember that the availability of these Huawei Care plans can vary based on your location and the specific Huawei device you own. You should check with Huawei or an authorized retailer to see which plans are available for your device.

What services does each Huawei Care provide?

Each of Huawei’s care plans is tailored to address specific aspects of device protection. Thus, it is important to know what services each plan provides to select the level of coverage that suits your requirements and budget.

Basic Huawei Care:

The Basic Huawei Care plan is the fundamental level of extended warranty and support. It is designed to extend the standard warranty of your Huawei device. This plan typically covers manufacturing defects and issues that arise during normal usage of your Huawei device. Basic Huawei Care provides peace of mind by ensuring you can receive repairs or replacements for your device at no extra cost. It is applicable in case of defects or malfunctions during the extended warranty period.

Huawei Care+

Huawei Care+ is a more comprehensive plan compared to the primary option. It not only extends the warranty but also provides protection against accidental damage. In addition to manufacturing defects, Huawei Care+ typically covers situations like drops, liquid spills, and other physical damage. This plan is particularly valuable for those who want comprehensive protection. It can save you a significant amount of money in case of accidents that damage your device.

Huawei Care Screen Protection:

This plan specifically focuses on protecting the screen of your Huawei device, such as smartphones and tablets, where screen damage is a common issue. It covers the cost of replacing or repairing a damaged screen. It ensures that you don’t have to bear the total cost in case of accidental screen damage. Screen protection plans are beneficial because they address a common issue, which can be costly to repair or replace.

Huawei Care Battery Replacement:

Battery Replacement plans are aimed at protecting your device’s battery. Over time, the battery in your device can degrade, leading to reduced battery life. This plan covers the cost of replacing the device’s battery when it significantly degrades. Thus, your device continues to have optimal battery performance. It is particularly handy for smartphones and other devices where battery health is a concern. It can extend the overall lifespan and usability of your device.

Data Migration and Backup

Some Huawei Care plans offer services related to data migration and backup. This includes assistance with,

  • Transferring your data to a new device
  • Recovering lost data
  • Ensuring that your essential information is preserved

Data migration and backup services are crucial for users who often switch devices or have valuable data they can’t afford to lose. These services make the transition to a new device more seamless and risk-free.

VIP Support

VIP Support plans provide priority customer service and dedicated support channels for Huawei Care customers. You’ll benefit from faster response times and more personalized assistance with your device-related queries and issues. VIP Support is ideal for users who want a premium support experience, ensuring their concerns are addressed promptly.

Software Support

Huawei Care may also include software-related services, assisting with software updates, troubleshooting software issues, and helping with app-related problems. These services ensure your device runs smoothly and is up-to-date with the latest software. Software support is valuable for those who want to keep their devices optimized and free from software-related issues that may affect performance.

What situations are not covered by Huawei care?

While Huawei Care offers valuable protection for your device, certain situations and conditions are typically not covered by the plan. These exclusions can also vary by plan and region, but standard exclusions may include:

Intentional Damage

Huawei Care plans typically exclude coverage for damage that results from deliberate actions. This includes situations where a user purposefully drops their device, attempts to damage it, or engages in vandalism. In essence, the plan is intended to protect against unforeseen accidents and defects, not intentional harm.

Theft or Loss

Huawei Care is primarily focused on providing warranty and support services, so it does not protect against theft or the loss of your device. For coverage in case of theft or loss, you would need a separate insurance policy. These policies are commonly referred to as mobile phone insurance, which is designed to address these specific risks.

Damage Due to Unauthorized Repairs

If you decide to undertake device repairs yourself or take your device to an unauthorized service center, any damage resulting from these actions may not be covered. Huawei Care is designed to work with Huawei-certified service centers and technicians to ensure quality repairs and genuine replacement parts.

Cosmetic Damage

Minor cosmetic issues on your Huawei device that do not affect its functionality, such as scratches, dents, or scuffs, are often excluded from coverage. Huawei Care is primarily concerned with issues that impact the performance and efficiency of the device rather than purely aesthetic concerns.

Non-Manufacturing Defects

While Huawei Care covers manufacturing defects, it typically does not cover issues that arise from wear and tear, misuse, or the use of third-party accessories. It’s essential to use your device as intended and avoid practices that may lead to damage or reduced performance. Huawei care plans also do not cover damage to your device caused by natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, and fires.

Software Modifications

If you modify the device’s software in a way unsupported or approved by Huawei, it may void the warranty and coverage. This is because unauthorized software modifications can lead to instability, compatibility issues, and other problems.


Huawei Care typically covers the primary device but does not extend to accessories like chargers, headphones, or protective cases. If these accessories are damaged or lost, you must seek coverage through separate means or purchase additional warranties or insurance.

Can I return it after purchasing Huawei Care? How to apply?

Sometimes, your chosen Huawei Care plan might not fit your device or coverage. Unfortunately, you cannot return, refund, or transfer Huawei Care’s extended warranty after purchase. Thus, one must be very mindful when choosing a plan for the first time.

Huawei Care’s extended warranty is tied explicitly to the device initially purchased and cannot be transferred or utilized for any other device. However, if you request a replacement for your device within the first 14 days of purchasing the new device, the service products can be transferred to the new replacement device.

To facilitate this transfer, it would be best to reach out to the sales party from whom you purchased your product. You will be advised to provide proper documentation, such as proof of purchase. By following the guidance of Huawei’s customer support, you will be able to refund or transfer your Huawei Care plan successfully.


The benefits of having Huawei Care widely depend on your needs, device usage, and risk tolerance. It offers a range of plans, each tailored to different aspects of device protection and support, making it a versatile solution for Huawei device owners. And since nobody is entirely immune against accidents or mishaps, you will doubtlessly benefit from even the most basic warranty and support program. So, having Huawei Care is indeed a worthwhile investment.