How to Transfer WhatsApp Backup From iOS to Android

Transfer Whatsapp To New Phone

Xiaomi is a popular smartphone manufacturer worldwide, which has even made most iPhone owners change their brand. It is difficult, however, to move to Xiaomi with the transiting of WhatsApp files. Let’s explore four easy ways how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone as a Xiaomi user.

Mi Mover

Xiaomi has a solution of its own for data migration. The Mi Mover is a part of the package of utilities designed by Xiaomi to facilitate the adaptation process and users’ integration into its ecosystem. It helps share different information forms such as short messages, contacts, and many other files. Xiaomi will use this move to attract more consumers in the market to purchase its technology.

This Mi Mover is the transfer tool designed by Xiaomi, which provides an opportunity to transfer different forms of data. This feature enables individuals to share their messages, videos, music, and pictures, among other apps, from the old iOS device to transfer WhatsApp to new phone Xiaomi.

Nevertheless, regarding transferring WhatsApp data, Mi mover does not perform well. Even though it is a handy means of sending various kinds of information, mi Mover cannot migrate WhatsApp messages or files.

Individuals who want to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android will discover that Mi Mover does not support such information but only images, contacts, reminders, and calendar entries.

Third-party Tool: Mobitrix

There are third-party tools that can be used to make the transfer happen. Specifically designed for this job is Mobitrix, which facilitates a simple and uncomplicated shifting of WhatsApp chats and files.

Using Mobitrix Data Transfer

  • Open Mobitrix on your personal computer.
  • Connect the USB cables between your iPhone and Xiaomi devices and a computer.
  • Click on “Send” to commence the transfer of data.
  • Make sure that you keep these two devices up together during this transfer. Duration of the process differs; it may last for some minutes or even up to several hours, depending on the magnitude of the data transmitted.

Benefits of Using Mobitrix

  • Mobitrix supports most new-generation mobile devices, such as Xiaomi and iPhones. Its compatibility with Windows and macOS also adds to its ease of use.
  • This tool works swiftly and does not impose limits on the amount of data. This makes it suitable even for WhatsApp history, which is sometimes rather voluminous.
  • It supports all available data types like text, emojis, audio files, and videos, ensuring the complete migration of all your WhatsApp content.
  • Mobitrix prioritizes user privacy. They have a strong privacy policy to guarantee that your information is protected when transferred.
  • The application is streamlined for convenience, ensuring an effortless migration of WhatsApp information in a few seconds. Additionally, it provides an option to pick on selected information that one wishes to transfer selectively.

Downsides of Mobitrix

  • While Mobitrix is highly effective for WhatsApp transfer to new phone Xiaomi, it’s important to be aware of its potential limitations or drawbacks:
  • You need to download extra programs onto your PC to employ Mobitrix. However, this may be inconvenient for users who do not want a third-party application installed on their PCs.
  • There is a need for the use of a computer as an intermediate in this transfer WhatsApp process. This can be inconvenient to users who are comfortable with a more mobile solution and those who don’t have easy access to computers, especially those residing in rural areas.
  • Despite being compatible with so many devices, it is still possible to stumble upon something inappropriate when dealing with such outdated devices as older model hardware or less frequent OS.
  • Data loss or corrosion is a tiny risk accompanying the data transfer process, like any other. Although this risk is minimal, it should be noted, especially in WhatsApp’s most sensitive and important communication.
  • This process may take time, especially when dealing with large data sets. However, this could be disadvantageous to customers searching for instantaneous transference.
  • There may be some additional costs associated with Mobitrix; therefore, if someone is looking for free software, they might overlook this one.

Backup WhatsApp Chats via Email

Transfer Whatsapp

WhatsApp messages can be transferred from an iPhone to a Xiaomi device via email. The procedure comprises various phases, which may take a lot of time depending on the number, nature, and urgency of these messages and contacts that need to be moved.

Steps for Email Export

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the chats section.
  • Choose a particular chat that you plan to forward.
  • Choose ‘Export Chat’ by tapping the contact’s name in the chat and then selecting More.
  • Select ‘ Attach Media ‘ if you want to add pictures or videos.
  • Finally, click on Mail to send the chat log to your email address.
  • Get access to your chats and voicemails via e-mail.


  • Although you may send yourself your chats in an e-mail and open them with a browser on the new Xiaomi device, you won’t be able to integrate them directly into WhatsApp on the newly purchased Xiaomi phone.
  • In addition, uploading chats is usually a laborious activity that often does not function well, including the big ones.
  • The chats’ link from your mailbox becomes invalid after a month, and you must download them in time.

WhatsApp provides flexibility, allowing users to back up particular chats using its email chat option. However, emailing chats offers a high level of convenience, allowing users to choose specific chat threads they prefer preserving or sharing outside the WhatsApp platform. It can be useful, especially when one needs to print chat histories, keep logs of crucial discussions, etc.

WhatsApp Data Transfer to Xiaomi via iTunes Backup

WhatsMover is a solution that enables users with previous iTunes backups of their WhatsApp chats to restore them directly to their Xiaomi devices.

Steps for Restoring iTunes Backup to Xiaomi Using WhatsMover:

  • Open WhatsMover on your computer.
  • Ensure you connect your Xiaomi device and the iPhone to the computer simultaneously.
  • Select ‘WhatsMover – Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup’ on the WhatsMover interface.
  • The list of all your computer backups will pop up. Search for the backup labeled as ‘iTunes’.
  • Ensure you enable trusting your computer in your iPhone’s settings and allow USB Debugging on Xiaomi devices.
  • Tap the ‘Restore to Device’ button, which is specific to your Xiaomi device.
  • The restoration process will begin. When you are done, you can check if your WhatsApp data has been transferred to your Xiaomi phone.


  • With WhatsMover, it becomes possible to directly migrate WhatsApp data from iTunes backup to Xiaomi without passing through stepwise procedures such as restoring data on an iPhone and later transferring it to Xiaomi.
  • This is advantageous to users with an almost daily habit of backing up their WhatsApp in iTunes when they switch to Xiaomi.
  • This tool fully recovers all the data related to messages or media transfer WhatsApp to new phone.


  • Ensuring the iPhone trusts the computer and that you are set up for USB debugging is crucial before performing this operation.
  • While a third-party application like this comes with the benefit of saving time and effort during migration, it necessitates software installation on one’s computer, which may be unwelcome among some groups of people.

Tips to Transfer WhatsApp WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Xiaomi

Whatsapp To New Phone

Moving your WhatsApp data from an iPhone to Xiaomi could be a long journey, but worth it. Here are some overall tips to ensure a successful transfer:

Choose the Right Method

Evaluate different options for doing so: sending via email, third-party utilities such as Mobirix, Whatsmover, and iTunes backup restoration. Every technique has advantages and disadvantages. Choose the most suitable for you and the technology you are familiar with.

Back-Up Your Data

Ensure you have a backup of all WhatsApp data for your iPhones before starting any transfers. This serves as another protective measure for your important data.

Check Compatibility

Make sure the selected method is compatible with your iPhone and Xiaomi mobiles. This is significant, especially when deploying third-party systems.

Follow Instructions Carefully

You should read and follow the step-by-step instructions carefully when using tools like Mobitrix or WhatsMover or even exporting chats through emails to avoid losing data.

Prepare Devices

Ensure your device is ready when you use a tool connected to the computer; Xiaomi has the USB debugging function turned on, and the iPhone connects to the machine.

Be Patient

In particular, some approaches to huge data transfer involve a period. Make sure you are patient to complete this process without interruptions, as this can lead to a complication.


Although there are difficulties involved in transferring WhatsApp data from one’s iPhone to the new Xiaomi device, taking the proper steps will ensure a smooth process. However, whatever option you choose, be it specialized tools like Mobitrix or WhatsMover; email exporting, or simply using an iTunes backup, should suit both technical capacities and personal tastes. Ensure you do not forget to back up your data and follow the procedures as instructed to avoid any difficulties during this process and you should be good on how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone.