Phones Are also Fashionable! Honor V Purse Makes You Different 

Honor V Purse Review

The smartphones you use are a reflection of who you are. And it is completely natural if you want to customize the design of your smart device, be it via a unique case, color, or skin. However, if you want your phone to change the way it looks according to the situation you’re in or your outfit, then you must look into Honor’s V Purse Folding Bag.

Honor V Purse is a very rare smartphone or high-tech fashion accessory that just landed in the digital world. With its sleek design and leather case strap attachment, this new Honor model certainly looks fabulous.

Though Honor V Purse has only made its way in China, it has attracted genuine interest since its reveal in September 2023. Also, the phone has drawn a few “WOWs” due to its versatility and unparalleled features.

If this information about Honor V Purse intrigues you to learn more about this foldable smartphone, this write-up is exclusively for you. Please read till the end to understand how Honor V Purse Folding Bag is raising standards in the world of smart devices.

Introducing HONOR V Purse

Honor V Purse

We all know that last year, the US government imposed additional sanctions on Huawei, limiting the brand’s ability to conduct business activities with US companies. These restrictions have significantly affected Huawei’s smartphone divisions. And due to this, Huawei’s smartphone sales have dwindled drastically in the European market over the last few years.

This uncertainty also extends to Honor because the company shares the same fate as its parent company. So, to prove the fact that not only is it “Business As Usual,” but it also can support the smartphones it just launched, Honor introduced the versatile Honor V Purse Folding Bag back a few months ago.

This device proves the meteoric rise of Honor in the smartphone industry after facing a major downturn due to the restrictions imposed by the US government on its parent company.

In September 2023, this China-based phone maker attended the IFA Conference and showcased its captivating phone-to-purse concept. The Honor’s latest Magic V2 foldable smartphone, which gives tough competition to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5, was also introduced on the international stage at the IFA 2023 Conference.

The name Honor V Purse may seem a little strange, but it deserves all the appreciation. This foldable mobile phone is designed to be carried or worn like a bag or purse with customizable straps.

Phy-Gital Feature of Honor V Purse

The concept of the Honor V Purse phone depicts an outward folding device that allows users to attach different straps, tassels, feathers, and chains and use it as a high-end fashion accessory. Certainly, you can clip these accessories onto the metal hinge of the phone for a more secure fit, just like chains or straps are attached to your regular bags.

The interesting concept of the Honor V Purse makes it both foldable and wearable. Isn’t it amazing? In addition to these physical accessories that aim to turn Honor’s phone into a wearable accessory, the external screen of the V Purse can display unique art. This way, the phone greatly compliments the foldable and matches your outfits.

Honor V Purse uses the concept of “Phy-Gital,” which combines the worlds of both “Physical” and “Digital.” The manufacturer says that a slew of fashion experts were engaged to design unique art for the external AOD feature of the Honor V Purse. Plus, Honor calls these unique arts “Immersive Interactive Canvas” because they can react to tilt or touch.

Though the official images of the Honor V Purse phone handbag show a variety of patterns that match your outfit, the company claims this purse can do much more. For example, each display can sense gravity and motion and respond in a variety of ways by using the internal gyroscope of the device. Some highlighted examples include a “Fish” or “Panda” that can respond to your touch. Furthermore, it features a “Chameleon” that can change color according to the situation you’re in.

What’s more? The likes of tassels, chains, and feathers of the Honor V Purse can move all across the screen in real-time. Some of these physical doodads even include shortcuts to popular applications.

Specifications of Honor V Purse

Regarding hardware, the Honor V Purse complements the design of the Mate X Foldable Phone introduced by Huawei a few years back. When the purse is folded, you will get a 6.45-inch 1088 x 2348px display with a regular aspect ratio of 19:4:9.

Plus, you can tap the buckle on the back to forward fold the rest of the screen. It will reveal a 7.71-inch 2348 x 2016px panel with an aspect ratio of 10:5:9. Surprisingly, the screen of the device refreshes at a rate of 90Hz.

Just like other foldable smartphones, the Honor V Purse is also very slim. It becomes only 8.6mm when closed and 4.3mm when opened. Additionally, this versatile device weighs only 214 grams, which is amazing for a wearable and horizontal foldable mobile phone.

The Honor V Purse features an outward folding design. That means the phone will have its soft folding display exposed, which might lead to some durability concerns.

If you see the Honor V Purse as a smartphone, it flaunts a Snapdragon 778G chip with 16GB of RAM. Also, it uses a relatively larger 4,500mAh battery with 35W wired charging. In terms of camera arrays or capabilities, the Honor V Purse foldable phone has a 50MP f / 1.9 wide-angle shooter with an ultrawide fixed focus of 8MP. Additionally, the phone features an 8MP selfie camera, but obviously, selfies can taken with the main camera, too.

Similar to Honor’s other high-tech phones, V Purse also runs Android 13 and Honor’s MagicOS 7.2 on top. Although the phone has some built-in multi-tasking enhancements, they are not as advanced as the One Plus Open or Samsun Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Is The Honor V Purse a Metal Phone?

The strap accessories of the Honor V Purse come in a separate box, whereas the phone itself ships with a USB cable and a 35W charger. The case accessory attached to the frame of the Honor V Purse takes work to get off. Also, you can’t expect the purse to fall off unexpectedly at any point.

The Honor V Purse is not a metal phone. The chains attached to the purse are made of some sort of soft and durable material that won’t damage your phone’s display. The purse hinge is made of metal and is good for 400,000 folds, as Honor claims. Moreover, the purse packs a nodule on each corner to attach a variety of attachable straps, ranging from chain to leather, depending on your style.


Is Honor Tightening Its Purse Strings?

Undoubtedly, it is refreshing to see how Honor is having a bit of fun with technology. Do you remember the phones like the Nokia N-Gage or LG Crystal that tried to combine the functionalities of a mobile phone with handheld game systems? Were these versatile devices everyone’s cup of tea? Not at all. However, they motivated people to find new ways to make technology more user-oriented and interactive.

The Honor has utilized the same approach but with a more fashion-focused execution. Using screens as a fashion accessory is not a new concept, as options like Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch are already available in the market, but Honor is truly breaking the ground with its handbag-style foldable phone.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the Honor V Purse is undoubtedly a fun accessory that intrigues fashion enthusiasts in several ways. Usually, when reviewing a mobile phone, we talk about its specifications, what it can do, and what parts it’s made up of, but Honor has not revealed this sort of information yet.

In terms of a wearable fashion accessory, the Honor V Purse grabs everyone’s attention. With its unique design and leather case strap attachment, this new Honor model certainly looks fabulous.