Technology Changes Life: Honor Magic 6 Comes with New AI Features

Honor Magic 6

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was expected to be the talk of the town at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit 2023, but only at the chipset level. The CEO of Honor made a surprising announcement at the event about the company’s new flagship – Honor Magic 6.

We all know that Honor faced a severe downturn in its sales due to the restrictions imposed by the US government on its parent company, Huawei. So, to prove themselves the industrial leaders, Honor is struggling to come up with versatile and awe-inspiring smartphones. AND Honor Magic 6 indicates the meteoric rise of this China-based phone maker in the world of smart devices.

Though we don’t know so much about the Honor Magic 6 roster yet, the company has revealed a few critical aspects of the device. Please read till the end to learn about what changes Magic 6 will bring to your pocket.

Introducing Honor Magic 6

During the launch of the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit 2023, Honor CEO George Zhao announced that Honor Magic 6 would be launched soon in the company’s flagship segment. The CEO also revealed some critical aspects of the phone and what it will be capable of doing.

Zhao claimed that the new Honor Magic 6 will give you the ability to use your eyes to interact with the device. Furthermore, the AI-powered features and performance of this smartphone will stun you.

Specifications & Key Features of the Honor Magic 6

Magic 6

Key Specs:

Display: 6.75 inches

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 | 8GB

Battery: 5,800 mAh

Selfie Camera: 12 MP

Rear Camera: 50MP + 50MP + 50MP

Though there is not so much information available about the specifications and performance of the Honor Magic 6, it will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. PLUS, an on-device Long Language Model (LLM) with seven billion parameters will support the Honor’s new flagship.

In terms of performance and capabilities, the Honor Magic 6 is going to surprise Android users in several ways. For example, you will be able to use AI-derived functionalities to create films using videos and photographs saved on your devices. Additionally, you can customize all the themes, templates, and music using extra prompts for a more personalized experience.

Honor also revealed a multi-model engagement solution for users called “Magic Capsule” to make the device more personalized and easy to use. With this technology, you will be able to operate the Magic 6 by just shifting your eyes. Undoubtedly, Magic Capsule seems an impressive solution, but its privacy consequences and true functioning are still unknown.

In addition to generative AI capabilities, Honor Magic 6 will also use three “MagicRing” features:

  • Multi-Device Screen Sharing
  • Connected Input
  • Connected Camera

These three features use the seamless technology of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 to offer a power-efficient and smooth data flow across multiple devices, ultimately improving the stability of the device.

In terms of build and design, the Honor Magic 6 complements the design of the Honor Magic 5. The recently shown photographs of the device revealed that it will have a centrally situated pill-shaped cutout. Furthermore, the camera configuration of this handset will be similar to the Honor Magic 5 Pro. That means the phone will flaunt a 12MP front-facing camera and a depth sensor with Time-of-Flight technology.

In short, the Honor Magic 6 will succeed the lineup of Magic 5. It is rumored to be equipped with a curved AMOLED display. Similar to other Honor phones, the new handset will have support for 3840Hz PWM dimming. The manufacturer aims to make its smartphone highly durable yet affordable. Keeping this in mind, the Magic 6 will also flaunt an Oasis eye protection for improved protection. Moreover, it will be equipped with an in-house Jurhino display to prevent the device from cracks and scratches.

If we talk about the operating system of the Honor Magic 6, it is expected to use Android 14-based Magic OS 8.0. Also, it will pack a 5,800 mAh Qinghai Lake Battery with an ultra-fast charging of 66w. AND there will be wireless charging support, too.

Certain rumors about the Magic 6 reveal that it will come with a security chip for satellite communication and radio frequency similar to the OPPO Find X7 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, and Apple phones. Plus, the device is expected to have an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

Camera Functionalities of the Honor Magic 6

The leaked render demonstrated that the Magic 6 is expected to have a circular camera layout with a 50MP primary sensor, OIS, and variable aperture support. Also, it might be paired with a 50MP periscope telephoto lens and a 50MP ultrawide angle lens.

In contrast, the Honor Magic 6 Pro is expected to house a 50MP OmniVision OV50H primary sensor with a 1 / 1.3-inch sensor size. Also, it will support a variable aperture, OIS, a 160MP periscope telephoto lens, and a 50MP ultrawide sensor. Interestingly, the Magic 6 Pro model could feature a 2K resolution with an OLED panel.

AI Special Ability of Honor Magic 6

Just like Google, Pixel 8, and other high-tech devices, the Honor Magic 6 will also embrace the power of generative AI. It is rumored that the new Honor’s flagship will dabble in generative AI. As Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset will power this new handset, it will let you utilize generative AI on all of your devices. That means you will be able to use the special AI abilities of the device even when offline.

Additionally, the advanced processor of the device will make it able to run large language models with faster speeds and improved privacy. The Honor CEO says that the LLM (Large Language Model) differs from the cloud-based LLMs. Also, the manufacturer claims that:

“Our LLM draws understanding from the device’s users to give them more personalized services according to their preferences.”

All thanks to the AI-powered capabilities of the Magic 6, you will be able to create short videos featuring footage and photos stored on the device. Of course, there will be some other smartphones utilizing the seamless technology of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset in the coming months. However, it seems the Honor Magic 6 will win the race with its special AI capabilities.

Honor Magic

Introducing Magic Capsule of Honor Magic 6

Magic Capsule is an appreciable eye-tracking feature of the Honor Magic 6 that offers a standout way of interaction. Instead of traditional voice and touch commands, the Magic Capsule utilizes your eye movement to open different applications.

The eye-tracking technology mightn’t be new to most of you, but its integration with the Honor’s phone presents a perfect blend of user intent and machine learning. Furthermore, it unlocks some potential use cases that go beyond merely closing or opening the applications.

The Honor’s Magic Capsule includes the following capabilities:

  • Enhanced accessibility for individuals with limited mobility to interact with devices
  • Content personalization that is based on the focus and duration of your gaze
  • Hands-free map navigation to zoom in or select a destination by just using your eyes as a cursor

Introducing Smart Assistant YOYO

The Honor Magic 6 is set to surprise users with a smart AI assistant called YOYO. This AI assistant will be powered by an on-device LLM with more than 7 billion parameters. That means YOYO will be able to perform complex tasks such as creating short videos, providing personalized content recommendations, and answering questions without sending any data to the cloud.

This smart voice assistant illustrates the potential of its special AI capabilities in multiple ways. The Honor also showed a demo of YOYO during its presentation to reveal its capabilities. By providing certain commands to this assistant, you can create short videos using the footage and photos stored on your phone. Moreover, you can give additional prompts to YOYO to customize the theme, music, and templates of your short videos.

What’s more? YOYO is powered by Meta’s Llama 2, which allows this AI chatbot to perform complex tasks in response to image, text, and voice commands. Plus, it features generative AI to perform multiple tasks.

The Bottom Line

The Honor truly distinguishes itself with an innovative take on AI capabilities, eye-tracking technologies, and robust hardware. The company’s new handset, Magic 6, is sure to astonish Android users in numerous ways. From generative AI capabilities and smart voice assistant to Magic Capsule, Honor Magic 6 is the only smartphone you need to get a more personalized experience. The Honor Magic 6 and Magic 6 Pro are expected to launch in February 2024, but it’s not confirmed yet.