What to Do With Old Apple iPhone That You Replaced?

What Do You Do With Your Old Apple iPhone That You Replaced

Our beloved Apple iPhones have a relatively short shelf life in the quick-moving world of technology. It might be challenging to resist the impulse to upgrade when a new iPhone is released because of the alluring features, stylish looks, and enhanced performance that come with them.

But what happens to your outdated iPhone when you switch to the newest model? Many tech enthusiasts need help to answer this question.

Should you give it to a friend or family member, sell it to recuperate part of the costs, or retain it as a solid backup?

This complete tutorial will examine these possibilities and many methods for recycling your old Apple iPhone.

What do you do with your old Apple iPhone that you replaced?

Your old iPhone has several alluring options that you can choose from when determining what to do with it. There is a choice that meets your preferences and demands because each option has advantages and factors to take into account:

1. Selling Your Old iPhone:

Unquestionably, one of the most common options is to sell your old iPhone. It helps lessen electronic waste and puts extra money in your pocket. The process calls for some meticulous steps to guarantee that your data is secure and that your equipment sells for a reasonable price.

Make careful to erase all of your data from your iPhone before putting it up for sale. A factory reset can delete all your data, programs, and settings. This security measure is essential to safeguard your privacy and stop sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

2. Keeping Your Old iPhone as a Spare:

Keeping your old iPhone is wise if you prefer to avoid getting rid of it or want a dependable backup if something happens to your new phone.

If you frequently travel or have kids who require a gadget for emergencies or entertainment, this backup iPhone can be beneficial. Keep it charged and frequently update its software to guarantee it is prepared for usage when required. Keeping your old iPhone around as a backup also increases its longevity, which lowers electrical waste and promotes a more sustainable tech ecosystem.

3. Giving It to a Family Member or Friend:

Giving your old iPhone to a family member or friend who needs a new phone is a charitable choice for repurposing it. This helps them save money and reduces the amount of electrical trash, in line with eco-friendly standards.

Reset your old iPhone to factory settings before giving it away. By erasing your data, you make it possible for the recipient to personalize the device and make it their own.

How to sell an old Apple iPhone?

When your iPhone is free of your data, you can look into selling it on a variety of channels, including:

1. Online Marketplaces:


As one of the biggest international online marketplaces, eBay provides a vast audience of potential customers. You can either set a fixed price for a rapid sale or put your iPhone up for auction, allowing potential purchasers to place bids. Since eBay has such a broad audience, it draws customers worldwide. A lot of people use eBay to buy used iPhone.


Swappa is a specialized marketplace for buying and selling second-hand digital devices, including iPhones, and stands out in this category. You’ll find a lot of used iPhones for sale there. It is a user-friendly platform with a strong emphasis on mobile devices, providing a frictionless transaction for buyers and sellers. Although Swappa functions similarly to eBay, it has standards and criteria that guarantee the devices posted are in good operating order and unblemished. You can get an iPhone 11 used, iPhone 13, and even used iPhone 14 on this site.


Gazelle provides a huge collection of used iPhones for sale. You start the process by supplying information about your item, and then Gazelle gives you a price estimate. If you take advantage of the offer, Gazelle will send you a shipping package with a pre-paid label. They immediately process your money after receiving and examining your iPhone. Usually, a check, a PayPal transfer, or an Amazon gift card are accepted forms of payment.

For instance, a used iPhone 13 with the same storage capacity may cost around $384, while a 128-GB iPhone 14 in good condition could cost you roughly $423 on Gazelle. Surprisingly, Gazelle also buys damaged iPhones, offering reasonable prices for gadgets that might not turn on or have substantial damage. For instance, a damaged 128-GB iPhone 12 Pro Max may cost about $225, and an iPhone 13 in comparable condition could sell for about $155.

There are various other options besides the platforms mentioned above for selling your old iPhone, each with its benefits and drawbacks:

  • Best Buy: While Best Buy offers trade-in programs, damaged gadgets cannot be accepted. In addition, you usually receive store credit rather than cash when you receive value.
  • Amazon and Others: A few online stores and websites, including Amazon, offer to buy second-hand phones. Their pricing, meanwhile, might not be as aggressive as that of the preceding selections.
  • Decluttr: Decluttr offers a simple and quick way to get paid for your iPhone. Users merely complete an online form, respond to inquiries regarding their phones, and then receive an offer. Decluttr provides a box and prepaid shipping label for the gadget upon acceptance. Processing of payments usually takes a week or more. It’s important to note that some people have complained about having less-than-ideal experiences with Decluttr, so it’s wise to read reviews and weigh your options.

2. Trade-in Programs:

Apple offers trade-in schemes that make it simple to exchange your old iPhone for credit toward purchasing a new one, along with several mobile carriers. Although the pricing offered by these programs might be better, they make it easy to complete the trade-in when purchasing a new iPhone.

Apple Trade-In:

You may trade in your old iPhone through Apple’s trade-in program in exchange for credit that can be used to purchase a new iPhone or turned into a gift card for use at the Apple Store. Your payout will vary depending on the age and model of your old iPhone. Right now, an iPhone 14 in good condition can earn you up to $430 in credit, while an iPhone 13 can bring in up to $370.

Carrier Trade-In Programs:

Several mobile carriers offer trade-in programs that let you trade in your old iPhone for credit that may be used to purchase a new phone or defray a portion of your monthly payment. These programs are frequently accessible online and in stores.

How to price? What valuation methods are there?

One of the most critical steps in the selling process is figuring out the best price for your old iPhone. The platform you use, the state of your device, and even the mobile carrier you employ can significantly impact the pricing you charge.

To accurately determine the value of your used iPhone, try the following practical valuation techniques:

1. Market analysis:

To conduct market research, examine current listings for comparable iPhones on well-known online markets like eBay, Craigslist, or specialty tech-focused platforms. This will give you an idea of what sellers are asking for second-hand iPhones in your device’s condition and what buyers are willing to pay.

2. Check Trade-In Programs:

Another way to find out the value of your iPhone is to check with retailers and Apple’s trade-in programs. To find out the trade-in value they are willing to offer, check out their websites or stop by their locations.

3. Use Depreciation Formula:

It’s critical to understand that iPhones, like most electrical products, lose value over time. To determine your device’s current value precisely, use a depreciation formula while considering its age and condition.

4. Valuation Tools Online:

Many websites and applications offer valuation tools that may calculate the worth of your outdated iPhone based on elements like its model, condition, and storage space. Famous instances are Gazelle and Decluttr, which simplify the selling procedure and provide reasonable prices.

5. Charge for the Accessories:

If you’re adding accessories to your iPhone, such as chargers, cases, or screen protectors, consider their value as a component of the total deal. For potential purchasers, these features might make the deal more enticing.

What should you pay attention to when using your old Apple iPhone as a backup?

To have a trustworthy backup using your old iPhone, it is essential to consider the following points:

  • Storage Capacity:

This is the most crucial thing to consider before using any device as a backup. Ensure your old iPhone has enough storage to hold and secure your data.

  • Data Security:

With the increasing cybercrime incidents, securing your data has become essential. Set up a strong passcode or use biometric authentication techniques like Face ID or Touch ID to protect your online data.

  • iOS Compatibility:

For seamless data transfer, iOS compatibility is essential. Before setting a backup device, verify that the most recent iOS version is compatible with your current device and is supported by your old iPhone.

  • iCloud Backup:

For the best experience, make iCloud your main backup option because it’s a convenient and secure way of protecting your data.

  • iTunes or Finder Backup:

You may also make local backups of your iPhone using either Finder (on macOS Big Sur and later) or iTunes (on macOS Catalina and older).


These were all the options available for you to replace your old iPhone. You can sell it, give it to someone else, or even make it a backup for your new device. Whatever you decide to do with your used iPhone, please transfer all your data or protect it with multi-factor authentication. This will help keep your data safe.


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