Have You Ever Bought Apple Care? How To Make It Worth it?

Apple Care

When it comes to consumer electronics, few brands command as much loyalty and trust as Apple. Their products, lauded for both design and functionality, have dominated markets worldwide. However, as with all technology, there remains the risk of damage or malfunction. This is where Apple Care enters the conversation. Let’s get into what is Apple Care and its variations entail.

What is Apple Care?

Apple Care is Apple’s premium service and insurance policy for its range of products. While every Apple device comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support, Apple Care extends this Apple Care coverage. The specifics vary depending on the product, but generally, it offers additional years of service and technical support, covering both the device itself and its accessories.

Two types of Apple Care Services

Apple Care is Apple’s extended warranty service, providing users with added peace of mind by extending the default warranty period. Apple Care + (often referred to as Apple Care Plus) is an upgraded version of this service, offering additional benefits like accidental damage coverage.

Apple Care provides users with extended technical support and hardware service options, allowing them to get the most out of their Apple products. Apple Care + goes a step further, adding up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months, subject to a service fee.


  • Extends standard device warranty.
  • Access to Apple tech support via chat or phone.
  • Apple-authorized technicians.
  • Software support for macOS and Apple-branded apps.
  • Accidental damage incidents coverage(with a deductible).
  • Express replacement service.
  • Coverage for Apple-made device accessories.
  • Gives global repair coverage for travelers.


  • Provides extended warranty and peace of mind.
  • Often results in cost savings for significant repairs.
  • Assures expert and reliable solutions from Apple professionals.
  • Repairs use genuine Apple parts.
  • Offers convenience through international coverage and express replacements.


  • Upfront purchase cost.
  • Limited number of accidental damage incidents covered.
  • Deductibles apply for covered damages.
  • No coverage for loss or theft in standard plans.
  • Might be redundant if other insurances already cover electronics.
  • Coverage can’t typically be renewed or extended after its term ends.

What Services Does It Have?

Extended Warranty: Apple Care prolongs the original one-year warranty, which can vary between products. For instance, Apple Care + for iPhone adds another two years, while Macs get an additional three.

24/7 Technical Support: Apple’s products are intuitive, but when issues arise, it helps to have experts on hand. Apple Care grants access to Apple experts who can provide support via chat or phone.

Accidental Damage Coverage: Unlike the standard warranty, Apple Care + includes a certain number of incidents of accidental damage. However, there’s usually a service fee for repairs.

Software Support: Apart from hardware issues, Apple Care also covers software troubleshooting, which can be invaluable for those pesky software glitches.

Express Replacement Service: If your device is in need of repair, Apple can send you a replacement immediately before receiving your damaged device.

Price of Apple Care

The Apple Care cost varies based on the device and the region. Apple Care price service plan is tailored for various Apple devices, and as with the devices themselves, its cost varies.

Mac: Depending on the specific model and specs, Apple Care + costs anywhere from $99 to $399.

Apple Display: If you’ve invested in an Apple Display, you can add Apple Care + for $499.

iPad: Apple’s tablets, depending on the model, come with Apple Care + ranging from $69 to $129.

iPhone: Given the various models and editions, Apple Care + for iPhones varies between $129 and $199.

Apple Watch: Depending on the series and edition, Apple Care + costs between $49 and $149.

iPod: For those still rocking an iPod, Apple Care + is available for $59.

Headphones: Whether it’s the AirPods or Beats, Apple Care + is priced at $29.

HomePod: For Apple’s smart speaker, Apple Care + comes in at $39.

Apple TV: The Apple Care Protection Plan for this device is also priced at $39.

Flexible Payment Options: Monthly Plans

Apart from the traditional one-time payment, Apple, in a bid to offer flexibility, introduced a monthly payment option for Apple Care + that’s available for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches in selected countries. While the monthly cost might seem minimal, over time, it can accumulate to a higher total cost than the one-time fee. For instance, a $199 Apple Care + plan roughly translates to $9.99 per month, while a $299 plan comes out to about $14.99 monthly. This option might end up costing a tad more in the long run, but it provides flexibility. You can decide to opt out earlier or, if you see fit, extend the Apple Care coverage beyond the standard term.

How to Judge Whether You Should Buy Apple Care?

Is Apple Care Right for Everyone?

To know if Apple Care is right for you or not depends on many factors including your devices and region. If you have expensive devices and use them for work like a Macbook or a system, then you might find these Apple Care services beneficial. However, some other factors to consider include:

Frequency of Use: Heavy users might benefit more as the likelihood of wear and tear or unexpected issues increases.

Environment: If your device is often in risky situations – say, a construction site or a beach – Apple Care can be a wise investment.

Budget: While it’s an added expense, some prefer the predictability of Apple Care over potential high out-of-warranty repair costs.

Every Apple device comes bundled with a standard warranty, ensuring the device’s optimal functionality. This is a limited warranty, a common feature in the consumer electronics domain. Under this warranty, Apple guarantees the product’s performance for up to a year (two years in the case of the Apple Watch Edition). Should there be any manufacturing defects or performance issues during this period, not attributable to the user, Apple commits to rectifying them at no extra charge.

An advantage of this warranty is its universal application. Irrespective of where the Apple product is purchased, the warranty holds. Furthermore, if the device changes hands within the warranty period, the warranty remains valid. The transfer process is straightforward: the original proof of purchase must be handed over to the new owner. However, there might be certain restrictions in place, and the warranty duration could vary based on one’s geographical location.

It’s crucial for customers to understand that the specifics of Apple Care + coverage might differ based on their geographical location. A notable instance is the Apple Care + with theft and loss coverage: this particular service is currently unavailable outside the confines of the United States and Japan. Thus, prior to opting for Apple Care +, it’s advisable to thoroughly research the exact terms of Apple Care coverage applicable to one’s country.

Can I Use Apple Care For Any Problem?

Apple Care, in essence, is designed to protect your Apple products from unforeseen issues and accidents. However, it’s crucial to understand its limits. Apple Care is not an open invitation to neglect your devices. Even though it accommodates accidental damages, this comes with strings attached. A notable limitation is the restriction on the number of accidental damages it covers—generally capped at two incidents every 24 months. And even within this allowance, a service charge applies to the repairs made under accidental damage claims.

Situations Where Apple Care Cannot Be Used

There are specific situations where Apple Care doesn’t offer a safety net. Understanding these can prevent unforeseen surprises:

Intentional Damage: Apple Care is not designed to protect against deliberate acts of harm. If it’s determined that damage to your device was intentional, the coverage will be invalidated.

Lost or Stolen Devices: Apple Care, even in its Apple Care + iteration, doesn’t extend its protection to cover situations where the device is stolen or lost. It’s not a replacement for device insurance in such scenarios. Here is your answer to does apple care cover lost airpods.

Unauthorized Repairs: One must tread cautiously when seeking repairs. Engaging non-Apple certified service providers or using unofficial parts can result in the voiding of your Apple Care warranty.

How to Cancel Apple Care? How Many Ways Are There?

Apple ensures that if Apple Care doesn’t align with your needs, you have the flexibility to cancel. Here’s how to cancel Apple Care:

Phone: The straightforward way – simply ring up Apple Support and express your intention to cancel.

Online: Navigate to your Apple ID account page, scout for the Apple Care subscription under your active subscriptions and opt to cancel.

Mail/Fax: A more traditional method involves dispatching a written notice. This should detail your Agreement Number and your wish to cancel the subscription.

Does It Have a Free Period?

Out of the box, Apple products come with an initial 90 days of complimentary support and a limited one-year warranty. However, Apple Care isn’t included in this and isn’t free outside of this provided coverage. That said, Apple does provide a grace period post your device purchase—usually 60 days—within which you can opt to purchase Apple Care.

Which Devices Are Worth Buying Apple Care?

Is Apple Care worth it cannot be decided on mere broad factors. Determining which devices should be under the protective wing of Apple Care can be subjective. However, a general guideline would be to consider devices with steep repair charges, such as the iPhone Pro models, MacBook Pro, or iPad Pro. Devices that are integral to daily operations, whether for personal or professional use, should also rank high on the Apple Care consideration list. After all, safeguarding tools that are essential for your routine makes practical sense.


In conclusion, while Apple Care offers a reassuring layer of protection, understanding its scope, limitations, and application ensures you maximize its benefits and make informed decisions. Whether you’re pondering Apple Care cost, considering cancellation, or simply seeking clarity, having a grasp of these details empowers you in your Apple product journey.


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