How To Let AI Plan Your Day on Your iPhone with Outside

AI Changes The World: Try to Hand Over Your Day to AI in iPhone

Planning a get-together with friends or family today may be a real pain. There are many options, and narrowing your focus might not be easy. It might seem like a nuisance to constantly add items to your calendar and determine the optimum time to accomplish them. You may find AI apps iPhone targeting both issues: Outside. Whether you’re looking for local activities or a vacation spot, it has options. To ensure you don’t miss a chance, it can add your plans to a calendar and notify you as the time approaches.

Outside is one of the best AI apps for iPhone and has an AI assistant that can explain your ideas and provide entertaining event suggestions and useful extras like widgets, Live Activities, and sharing options. In light of all that, its primary goal is to become your go-to destination for leisure activities. You may find that you prefer AI-planned days over the old ones. Get extra time to spend outdoors by making good use of the Outside.

How To Make Plans With Outside – Steps You Need To Follow

1.Planning Is The First Step

In this AI app’s footer, you should see the Create button; tap on it. Plan names may be entered or chosen from the possibilities below the name box.

  • Next, use the calendar to choose a date for the event, and then click Next.
  • Location, time, event picture, and if the plan is all day long are additional data that may be entered on the next page.
  • Select the calendar, and then tap the “Allow” button in the window that appears. A subscription is necessary for calendar synchronization, but it ensures that everything is always up-to-date. Everything you upload to Outside will automatically be synced with your calendar and vice versa. Choose the calendar that you would want to sync.
  • Select Reminders to customize the frequency and timing of Outside’s plan nudges. To find out how often the plan appears, hit Repeats, and if you want to make any notes, tap Notes.
  • Press Create after you’ve finished adjusting everything. To add the plan to your calendar, choose a calendar to sync it, and then hit Continue on the next page.
  • By selecting the Create option, you can see all of your plans.
AI Changes The World: Try to Hand Over Your Day to AI in iPhone

2.Receive Recommendations from AI

Inside, the best AI apps for iPhone’s AI assistant are a vital part of the whole. To ensure you’re never bored, we’ve included some suggestions for things you can do to add to your schedule. You should see the Assistant button near the AI app’s footer; tap on it. Use the “I’d like ideas for…” field or choose an option from the list below to submit your recommendations.

After that, you’ll be sent to a screen that seems like a chat, where you may communicate with the app’s AI to receive suggestions. Its response will provide event recommendation ideas for you to consider. As of this writing, Outside cannot assist in making reservations on your behalf. But the creator of the AI app claims that this is coming soon.

Adding events to the AI apps iPhone’s calendar is something that Outside’s AI can handle. Give the AI the details of what you want to accomplish, when you want it to happen, and where, and it will take care of the rest.

3. Get Ready To Make Your Outside Plans

Select Outside from this AI app’s menu at the bottom. Here, you may see all your forthcoming plans, accompanied by a globe indicating the locations of each. If you want to know the weather at your event sites every day and hour, tap the weather indicator up there.

To access more choices, tap and hold an existing plan. You may add the plan to your iPhone’s Lock Screen and have a countdown and important details at your fingertips by tapping Start Live Activity. Holding down on the event also allows you to edit its picture, share it, or remove it.

Additionally, Outside offers a plethora of widgets for customization of the iOS home screen. A list of your plans, an interactive countdown to forthcoming events, and much more are all part of it.

Is Outside Worth It? Honest Review

Reviewing yet another weather AI app for the iPhone likely has you asking why. There are already many comparable applications, and most of them are free. The amount of information packed onto the home screen is insane. There aren’t many choices for the iPhone when you remove the ones that are just ugly and remove applications that don’t provide you with correct information. Outside is a brand-new weather software that combines accurate weather reports with an innovative design. Even if it’s only to see the beautiful visuals, you’ll check the weather status many times daily.

AI Changes The World: Try to Hand Over Your Day to AI in iPhone

Innovative Visuals and a Regenerating User Interface

Compared to other weather apps, Outside, the best AI apps for iPhone, won’t accomplish anything special. The current temperature may be found by using it. It forecasts the next weather, including whether it will be rain, snow, or sun. It also provides a forecast for the next two days.

Its execution of these three basic tasks, however, is remarkable. The Outside has become an expert at “Show and Tell” as the best free AI app for iPhone. Outside puts the current weather in context with an animated scene—a tree outside—instead of just showing a number on the screen. Above the tree, you can see the desired number, and on the top left of the iPhone screen, you can see the last update time for the AI app’s status report. The program will automatically update itself whenever you activate it, provided you are connected to 3G or WiFi, even if there is no “Refresh Now” option.

Regarding the user experience of the best AI apps for iPhone, you will notice a welcome absence of unnecessary elements on the screen. That there has to be total unity among the billions of pieces of data is an old problem. As a result, Outside has included a swiping action on the Home screen that allows you to see the many elements of the current weather (including cloud cover, wind speed, direction, humidity, and UV index) and the prediction for the next five days. Although we find it annoying that the home page is now even more crowded and requires more swiping (6 swipes to get the final day of the forecast), we are open to hearing your thoughts on the subject. A day per screen makes more sense.

An Impressive Range of Pre-Installed Features

The weather app is only one part of Outside. The fact that Outside shows not one but two temperatures is the first thing that stands out. The two temperatures we’re discussing here are the actual temperature and the wind chill factor.

However, the use of push notifications is Outside’s most notable enhancement. Rain, Cold, T-Shirt Weather, and High UV are the four notification kinds you can specify. You can personalize the app’s daily notifications by selecting when you want them to go off, the message that appears, and even the music that goes along with them. There are several options for customizing each notice. You can customize the temperature settings for Cold and T-Shirt weather, and Outside will notify you via push notifications whenever those settings become available. Customize the minimum UV Index to your liking in High UV; the software will cover the rest.

An important caveat is that a fee is associated with receiving push alerts from other sources. There are not many free AI apps for iPhones. You will get 30 days of free alerts when you download the AI app. After that, there will be a $0.99 fee for every subsequent 90 days. The cost of the app’s download will be doubled if you subscribe to Outside’s alerts for a year.

Recommendations For Improvements

We would much appreciate it if Outside could sponsor more than one site like other free AI apps for iPhones. At this time, Location Services are not used by the app. The first time you open it, it will ask you your location, but it won’t again after that. To view the weather in a different city or move between cities, you’ll have to manually go into the Preferences and adjust this location. Not only would it be great for tourists, but it would also be useful for regular people like myself who go on vacation occasionally.

Despite appearances, the push alerts are rather affordable. Keeping servers up is important, but we’d want a better return on your investment. A notification type that allows you to define additional critical weather conditions, such as rain or snow, would be particularly relevant. Since we can’t carry an umbrella due to the notification number, it would certainly make me modify my outfit or accessories before heading out.

In general, however, we think Outside, AI apps iPhone, is a great option. An engaging and well-designed weather app, it offers a pleasant user experience. It does have some obvious missing features that make it rank a bit low on the list of best free AI app for iPhone, but that’s easily remedied with more work and an update. Although it’s a little pricey, it’s money well spent.