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The Telideas team consists of experts in various fields. We specialize in writing new product mobile phone information, mobile phone review introductions and mobile phone problem solutions. We just want to be a better mobile information website to serve everyone. If you need the latest information on a certain phone model, the best solution to a problem with your phone, or anything you want to tell us, you can contact us at

About us

about Us We are an information website that professionally reviews various models of mobile phones. Our experienced editorial team researches and creates high-quality posts that cater to popular needs. Our website is designed to keep everyone up to date with the latest mobile phone product knowledge and tips in the world. Our millions of users come from all over the world. Here, users can find information and reviews on the latest models of mobile phones from major mobile phone manufacturers, and can also find practical and convenient solutions to solve various mobile phone problems they encounter. We hope you can make the most correct choice through the information and methods shared by Telideas’ professional team. Our goal is to become the most professional and comprehensive mobile phone information website.

How We Work

We are a group of writers and editors with deep expertise and expertise who are passionate about discovering new things and testing them in real-world experiences. We follow the latest trends and focus on the new frontiers of technology. For specific products, we research them carefully, collect expert advice, and track user reviews on product pages or forums. Regarding the solutions, we will conduct multiple verifications and personal experiences to ensure that the methods we provide are real and effective and can actually help you solve the mobile phone problems you encounter.

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The Cookie Policy tells us what are cookies, and how we use cookies and similar technologies. Whenever you are browsing our website, products, and services, the information may be collected through the cookies. The Cookies keep you sign in, recommend you relevant content, and enhance your experience. You can also turn off cookies, and some features will not be available to you or some web pages of our website will not display properly.

Here are the information the Cookie policy tells:

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What are cookies?

Generally speaking, cookies are the files created by the website when you visit. Cookies can save your browsing information and make your browsing experience easier. What cookies can collect are the information like the IP address, browser, clicks, preferences, location, search history, as well as device specifications. If the user have registered or subscribed the website, the user name and email address shall be collected.

What are cookies used for?

Here are 5 types of cookies we use, we shall explain them elaborately.

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are those who are essential for you to browse the website and its features. For example, when you are browsing secure areas of the website. These cookies will vanish when you close the browsing webpage. They shall not gather any personal information, nor track the position of you on the internet.

  1. Behavioural Advertising Cookies

Behavioural advertising cookies are the cookies that collects the behaviour of all users on the website. The cookies may be placed on your browsing device or the third-party service, as to provide you with the content or advertising on the website. Your browsing history may reveal your personal data like age, gender, hobby, etc. This is usually called OBA (Online Behaviour Advertising), which is produced by gathering your interests according to your browsing history.

  1. Analytical PerformanceCookies

Analytical performance cookies are used to evaluate the website performance and service, as it is used to perform the statistics data like pageview or unique pageview data. Theses cookies may be designed by the third-party services. By tracking and analyzing the patterns of user behaviour, the analytical performance cookies are used to improve the user experience and enhance the website to some degree. By the way, it shall not contain your personal data like name or email address, but only to statistical analysis.

  1. Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are important because they are used to personalize the end-user experience. They are used to collect your preference on the website, and therefore, let you enjoy the enhanced and personal features. The functional cookies are usually anonymised, and it cannot identify your personal character. Functional cookies are usually be set by us or the third-party providers. They could be used to help serving advertising, but shall not gather information for the use of selling advertising.

  1. Social Media Cookies

Social media cookies are used to connect the website to a third-party social media like Facebook or Twitter. Social media cookies can track your browsing and create a profile of your interest.

What are the different types of cookies?

  • First-party cookies are cookies that stored by the website you visit;
  • Third-party cookies are cookies within our service but set up by other service providers. They can also be set up by other social media platforms to share content with families and friends;
  • Session cookies are cookies that stored during a session, and it will end when you close the website page;
  • Persistent cookies are stored on your device to collect preferences, information, settings even when you leave the website after a period of time.

How does We use cookies?

  1. Behavioural Advertising Cookies
  • Provide content and advertising tailed for you based on your browsing;
  • Manage online advertising and track unique visitor;
  • Access general user behaviour from the website and third-party website;
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  1. Analytical PerformanceCookies
  • Analyze and measure user behavior as to develop website service;
  • Analyze the pageview and unique pageview data as statistical purposes;
  1. Functional Cookies
  • Access information as to provide customized content and better user experience;
  • Make comments on the website;
  • Identify returning users, subscribers and registers;
  • No need to re-login for returning users;
  • Take security measures and identify fraud or abusive activities.
  1. Social Media Cookies
  • Track your browsing and create a profile of your interest.

Contact details and further information

If you would like share more information about cookies, please contact us at

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We take your privacy very seriously.

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