When Will There be Discounts on Apple Mobile Phones?

Tips for Buying an Apple iPhone

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, Apple’s iPhones continue to stand out as a symbol of innovation and cutting-edge technology. However, the premium quality of these devices often comes with a hefty price tag.

If you’re considering purchasing an Apple iPhone and looking to save some money in the process, this article is for you. We will explore various aspects of buying Apple phones, including when and how you can find discounts, the Apple Education Promotion, and the differences between discounted and regular-priced iPhones.

Will Apple iPhones Drop in Price? When?

One of the most common questions among potential iPhone buyers is, “Will Apple iPhones drop in price?” The answer to this question largely depends on the specific iPhone model and the time of year. Traditionally, Apple tends to release new iPhone models in September each year. When a new iPhone is introduced, the previous generation models often see a price drop.

Now that the highly anticipated iPhone 15 has dropped, Apple users can expect the prices of the older iPhone 14 devices to drop. In fact, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have now been discontinued to increase iPhone 15 sales. The discounted prices of the old iPhones are as follows,

  • The iPhone 14, once priced at $799, has now been reduced to a starting price of $699.
  • The iPhone 14 Plus, which previously carried a $799 price tag, now offers a significant reduction of $100 in its cost.

It’s important to note that these prices are applicable when purchasing through Apple with a carrier plan. If you opt for an unlocked iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus, an additional fee of $30 will be required.

This price adjustment for the iPhone 14 has a cascading effect on Apple’s product lineup, particularly impacting the iPhone 13. Previously positioned at the $699 price point that the iPhone 14 now occupies, the iPhone 13 is now available for purchase at the reduced price of $599.

Additionally, discounts may become more prevalent during major shopping events like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and holiday sales. So, if you can wait until the end of the year, you might find some excellent deals on Apple iPhones.

When Will There Be Discounts on Apple iPhones?

To pinpoint the exact timing of discounts on Apple iPhones, you need to keep an eye on Apple’s official announcements and authorized retailers. Apple itself occasionally offers discounts, but these are often part of special promotions or events.

As mentioned earlier, major shopping holidays like Cyber Monday and Black Friday are prime opportunities to snag discounts on Apple iPhones. Retailers like Apple, Best Buy, Amazon, and carriers like Verizon and AT&T frequently offer substantial discounts during these sales events. It’s crucial to do your research and compare prices from various sources to find the best deals.

Moreover, Apple may also offer limited-time promotions and trade-in programs that let you exchange your old iPhone devices for a discount on the newly released iPhone. These promotions can occur throughout the year, so it’s worth keeping an eye on Apple’s official website or visiting an Apple Store to inquire about current deals.

As of now, you can get your new iPhone 15 Pro for as low as $0 after trade-ins. Find out more information regarding these stellar deals here.

What is the Apple Education Promotion?

The Apple Education Promotion is a program designed to make Apple products more accessible and affordable for students, teachers, and educational institutions. This promotion typically runs during a specific period each year and offers special pricing on a range of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and more.

The promotion aims to support education by providing students and educators with the tools they need for learning and creativity at discounted prices. To be eligible for the Apple Education Promotion, you usually need to be a student, teacher, or staff member at a K-12 school or higher education institution.

Apple Education Promotion 2023

This year’s Apple Education Promotion started in North America on June 5, 2023, and will run until October 2, 2023.  With the Apple Education Promotion 2023, an eligible person will be able to,

  • Purchase a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac and receive a $150 Apple gift card as a bonus.
  • Acquire a Mac mini and receive a $100 Apple gift card as an extra reward.
  • Choose a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 11-inch iPad Pro, or iPad Air and receive a $100 Apple gift card as a complimentary gift.

How Can I Participate in Apple’s Educational Promotions?

Participating in Apple’s Educational Promotions is a straightforward process designed to make its products more accessible and affordable for students, teachers, and educational institutions. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how you can take advantage of these promotions:

1. Check Eligibility

Before you start, it’s essential to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for Apple’s Educational Promotions. Typically, these promotions are available to:


This includes students from K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.

Teachers and Educators:

This category covers teachers, professors, administrative staff, and other educational professionals.

Parents of Students:

In some cases, the legal guardians or parents of students may also qualify for these discounts.

To prove your eligibility, you’ll need to provide specific documentation or credentials. This can be a school ID, acceptance letter, or any official documentation that verifies your being a student or educator in need.

2. Visit the Apple Education Store

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, the next step is to access the Apple Education Store. This is a dedicated online portal provided by Apple where you can explore discounted products and make your purchases at the reduced education pricing.

3. Browse Available Products

Inside the Apple Education Store, you’ll find a wide range of Apple products available at discounted prices. These products often include MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, accessories, and more. Take your time to browse through the available options and select the Apple devices that best suit your needs.

4. Add to Cart and Check Out

After choosing the products you want, add them to your cart, similar to the regular online shopping process. As you proceed to checkout, you’ll be prompted to provide the necessary verification to confirm your eligibility for the educational discount. This may involve uploading documentation or entering specific details, depending on your location and Apple’s current requirements.

5. Confirm Your Purchase

Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. This includes entering your shipping and payment information. Once you’ve completed these steps and your eligibility is verified, you’ll receive your Apple products at the discounted education price.

6. Delivery and Support

Your Apple products will be delivered to your designated address, and you can also benefit from Apple’s customer support and warranty services. Apple typically offers the same level of support and warranty for products purchased through the Apple Education Promotions as they do for regular purchases.

7. Optional In-Person Purchases

If you prefer to have an in-person shopping experience, you can also visit a physical Apple Store or an authorized Apple retailer that participates in educational promotions. The staff at these locations can guide you through the process and assist with verifying your eligibility.

8. Stay Informed

Keep in mind that Apple’s educational promotions may have specific start and end dates. To ensure you get these discounts, periodically check Apple’s official website for updates and announcements regarding the availability of educational promotions.

By following these steps and staying informed about Apple’s educational promotions, you can access top-tier Apple products at more budget-friendly prices, empowering students, educators, and educational institutions with the latest technology for learning and productivity.

Is There Any Difference Between Discounted iPhones and Regular-Priced iPhones?

When purchasing an iPhone through the Apple Education Promotion or during other discount periods, you might wonder if there are any differences between discounted iPhones and regular-priced ones. The good news is that there is typically no difference in terms of the product itself.

Discounted iPhones offered through the Apple Education Promotion or during other sales events are brand-new, fully functional devices with the same features and capabilities as their regular-priced counterparts. Apple keeps quality and functionality high when offering discounts.

The main difference between discounted and regular-priced iPhones lies in the price you pay. Discounted iPhones are simply available at a reduced cost for eligible buyers, making it an excellent opportunity for students, teachers, and anyone who qualifies to save money while still enjoying the full Apple experience.


Participating in these promotions is an accessible and beneficial way for students, teachers, and educational professionals to obtain Apple products at reduced prices. To confirm your eligibility, visit the Apple Education Store, select your desired products, and go through the verification process. Stand a chance to enjoy the same high-quality Apple devices and accessories while saving money.

These promotions on iPhone and Macbook devices empower individuals and institutions in the education sector with the tools they need for learning, teaching, and creativity. Stay informed and take advantage of these valuable Apple Education Promotions on the Apple online store.